5 Sneaky Foods Which are Actually High in Calories

Posted by: esd admin

Healthy eating isn’t easy. Even if you’re able to stick to a diet plan, design a sustainable new approach to eating, ensure you have all the nutrients you need and avoid falling victim to sneaky cravings, every now and again the goal posts shift leaving you feeling like you’re back at square one.

For example, did you know that all of that hummus you’ve been virtuously dipping your healthy crudite into may not be as good for you as you think? In fact the tahini used to make your hummus is chock-a-block with calories. But never fear! We’ve created a quick guide to five of the most “healthy seeming” foods which are actually calorie rich.


1. Hummus


Beloved of veggies, vegans, dieters and Middle Eastern food lovers the world over, hummus is higher in calories than you might think .This delicious chickpea tip uses lots of tahini, a sesame butter full of B vitamins and calcium. Unfortunately it also contains 89 calories and 8g of fat per tablespoon. Oops!


2. Dates


The tasty base for many a protein ball and snack bar, dates are often used as a healthy alternative to sugary treats. They may be better for you than a chocolate bar, but dates come in at 23 calories per date, which can rack up quickly if you’re in the middle of a “snack attack”.


3. Baked or Flavoured Tofu

flavoured tofu

It may taste yummy, but pre-baked or pre-flavoured tofu can contain many more calories than its plain, raw counterpart. Make sure you read packaging carefully or stick to flavouring and preparing tofu yourself to keep down the calorie count.


4. Popcorn


Air popped popcorn (made in the microwave without additional butter or oil) makes a good light snack, but store- or cinema-bought popcorn can be loaded with calories and fat. Make sure you check out the ingredients before you get crunching.


5. Chia Seeds

chia seeds

They may be flavour of the month, but chia seeds should only be in your diet if you’re intending to burn some serious calories. With a whopping 70 calories in every tablespoon, these protein-packed seeds are amazing for gym bunnies but tough to burn off.

Do you eat any of the healthy but calorie-rich foods on our list? Which supposedly healthy foods do you avoid? Have your say below.