5 Steps to Summer-Ready Skin

Posted by: esd admin

sunny woman

During colder months, contouring and the latest beauty tricks are all fair game. But once spring and summer roll around, who can be bothered with a heavy-duty beauty regime? With parks to get sweaty in, lidos to lounge around and beaches to bask on, the last thing you need is a face full of make up primed to melt, smear, smudge and run.

Fortunately, if you’re a fan of freckles, sun-kissed skin and natural glow, summer is the moment to flaunt your gorgeous face. Here’s how to give your skin a natural beauty, summer-ready head start!

1. Find an Extra-Fine Exfoliator

Rough exfoliation can be damaging to your skin, yet exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and promote the growth of fresh new skin. To walk the line, invest in an extra-fine exfoliator or skin polish to gently scrub away impurities without harming your skin with anything harsher.

2. Spritz Your Skin

Sweat, heat and sun can take its toll on your skin, leaving it irritated and dehydrated. That’s why its important to regularly top up your moisture, without adding to the sticky sweatiness! Light sprays and spritzes with water bases are a great way to refresh your face and soothe summer damage throughout the day.

3. Banish Old Marks

Going foundation free can be scary if you’re worried about marks and pigmentation from old blemishes. There are now lots of brilliant pigmentation correctors on the market which also work on age spots and uneven skin tone.

4. Insist Upon SPF

Even in winter, a decent dose of SPF is essential for protecting your skin from the harmful, ageing effects of UV. In summer months this is even more important. Look for a quality moisturiser with a high SPF to get the maximum benefit which won’t feel or look greasy.

How do you get your skin summer ready? Would you bother wearing make up to the beach? Do you wear less make up in the warmer months? Have your say below.