5 Tips for Perfect “No Mirror” Make Up

Posted by: Niral

How good are your “no mirror” make up skills? Life can be pretty hectic sometimes, and whether you’re running late or on the move, a few handy mirror-free make up tips can make all the difference between feeling your best and feeling somewhat less than flawless.

To help you go mirror-free when time is of the essence, we’ve compiled five helpful tips and tricks which will ensure you get your look spot on without even looking. Time to say goodbye to poking yourself in the eye with eyeliner pencils and getting half a tube of lipstick on your teeth…

1. Overblend your Foundation

The good thing about applying foundation mirror-free is that you know where your face is. Unlike more specific make up elements, you can apply foundation accurately without looking and still get great coverage. A top tip is to always overblend your foundation, this will avoid patchy coverage and keep your look even.

2. Dot Concealer

A dab of concealer under the eye is another simple no mirror make up essential, helping your complexion look brighter instantaneously. Apply a few dots beneath the eye and blend well. See, it’s easy!

3. Follow Your Eye Line

Eyeliner is up there with lipstick as the nemesis of anyone attempting a no mirror makeover. But it doesn’t have to be scary. To get your eyeliner just right, steer clear of creating a more dramatic look and simply follow the curve of your eyelid. Gently close your eye and run an eyeliner pencil softly back and forth over the very edge of your eyelid. For a smokier look repeat the process for the lower lid, sticking closely to the waterline.

4. Smile and Blush

Finding the apples of your cheeks is easy, even without a mirror, all you have to do is smile! Smile and apply blush conservatively to your apples, it’s easy to go overboard with blusher and not realise, so play it safe with this stage.

5. Eyebrow Subtlety

Brush up your eyebrows, then lightly fill in the body of your brow with a pencil or palette and blend in well with a comb. Again, the two key rules with no mirror eyebrows are to apply subtly and blend in well to achieve a more seamless look.
Do you have any expert tips for applying make up without a mirror? What has been your biggest make up disaster? Share your tips and stories with other readers below.