5 Unusual Yoga Trends You Really Have To Try

Posted by: Niral

Yoga is having a bit of a moment in 2015. This Indian bendy technique has fallen in and out of popularity in the Western world since the 60s, but now yoga is back – and it’s more creative than ever before.

New yoga styles and classes are popping up all over the UK, offering a relaxing form of exercise for just about everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an adventurer, a foodie, or love to get a good sweat on during a workout, these 5 unusual yoga trends will have you feeling flexible and fabulous…

1. Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga

If you’ve ever wished you could perform classic yoga poses whilst swinging in a silk hammock, aerial yoga is going to be your new favorite fitness class. Featuring poses which will do wonders for your core, alongside soaring aerial flips, this fun new style takes yoga to a new level. Literally.

2. SmartMat Yoga Mat

Now available for pre-order priced at $297 (that’s about £200 for you and me), the SmartMat is a futuristic combination of Siri and a yoga guru. Using sophisticated and sensitive sensors, this high-tech mat will talk you through personalized yoga sessions, offering customized pointers and help with your poses – all from the comfort of your own home.

3. Bikram Yoga

If you don’t feel like you’ve really been exercising unless you’re dripping with sweat, bikram yoga is the class for you. The technique features 26 yoga poses, all performed in a heated room, designed to get you sweaty. It may play havoc with your skin, but many converts claim this style gives them a fabulous euphoric feeling for hours afterwards.

4. Pop-up Rooftop Yoga

From pop-up cinemas to pop-up restaurants, the idea of discovering somewhere new and special can be really exciting. Now companies like Secret Urban Escape are offering pop-up yoga classes, in locations like London’s rooftops at sunrise.

5. Yoga For Foodies

Here’s a yoga style straight out of left field. If you’re not embracing yoga to help you shed a few pounds, this class could be the foodie-fitness combination you’ve been looking for. These quirky sessions combine yoga with gourmet cuisine, so you can feel your spirit and your stomach at the same time.

Are you a yoga devotee? Will you be trying out any new exercise techniques or trends in 2015? Share your experiences and ideas with our readers below.