5 Ways to Tone Your Abs (While You Walk!)

Posted by: esd admin


Who doesn’t love a spot of multi-tasking? Sneakily sorting out your bank holiday Airbnb reservation while you make “yes” noises during your weekly call to your mother. Getting your schedule up to date on your daily commute. Every second we can save in our hectic daily lives is an extra second to be enjoyed later, ideally with a nice glass of wine.

That’s why these five smart “ab hacks” are simply genius. These clever ab-boosting, core strength-growing, belly-flattening tricks can all be completed while you’re simply walking from A to B. You might look a little unusual, but for every stare you can feel seriously smug.

Here’s how it’s done…


1. Swing your arms

When you swing your arms as you walk, the motion doesn’t come from your shoulders, it’s created from your core. Try swinging your arms faster to get a sneaky, simple dose of ab toning into a regular stroll, which also burns off some extra calories.

2. Walk up more hills

If your usual lunchtime walk heads downhill, turn it around. Inclines aren’t just good for your glutes, they’re also good for your abs. Choose steeper routes whenever you can to improve your core tone.

3. Squeeze it in

Sucking in your tummy around the waist area, drawing up your rib cage and straightening your posture is a fantastic, easy and virtually undetectable way to start working your abs as you walk. It’s also amazing for your posture and respiration. What’s not to love?

4. Throw some punches

Perhaps best reserved for walks in fitness gear to avoid funny looks, but punches and jabs can boost your abs if you throw them as you’re walking. Overhead reaches and jabs throughout your walk, which follow through from your core are good ab-boosters.

5. Raise those knees

Again, best practised in workout wear, lifting up your knees to perform elbow-to-knee crosses as you walk is a fantastic way to inject some ab-toning goodness into a walk.

Do you have any handy walking hacks for boosting fitness? Share your tips and your favourite ab workouts with other readers below.