How to Achieve a Flawless Fake Tan

Posted by: esd admin

tanned woman

Streaks, orange palms and Oompa Loompa-esque results – fake tanning is no walk in the park. Unless you’re a fake tan master, the two times a year you crack out a bottle probably end in some degree of disaster.

But if you don’t want to expose your skin to harmful UV, don’t have time to bask in the sunshine and don’t want to splash out on a spray tan, the only other route to golden skin is to take the plunge and get faking!

Home tans don’t have to be horror stories, however. If you follow our helpful tips, you could achieve that sun-kissed look without results that look more at home in Homebase than on the beach.


1. Prepare properly

Prepping your skin can make a world of difference to the results you achieve with your home fake tan. Exfoliating your skin two days before you tan will remove excess oil and dead skin, allowing your tan to sink in more effectively. Avoiding moisturising on the day you decide to tan will also help your tan permeate nice and evenly.

2. Take your time

Many fake tans develop slowly, which means it’s difficult to know when “enough is enough”. To avoid over-tanning and looking like a baked bean, invest some time in the process, applying light layers every 30 minutes until you’re happy you’ve achieved the correct shade for you.

3. Rewash your mitts

Tanning mitts are very helpful when you’re trying to achieve even coverage, but after the first use, excess product build-up can cause streaks. With new mitts costing around £5, it’s far more cost effective to simply wash mitts in warm water and hand soap between each usage to keep them in good condition.

4. Stop showering

Preventing rub off on clothes usually means waiting until your tan is touch-dry before getting dressed, but leaving your tan to set away from clothing for as long as possible will help ensure even application. Avoiding showering for at least 8 hours and steering clear of swimming pools for a minimum of 12 hours is also essential.

Do you have any fake tan tips that help you get a gorgeous golden glow? Share your tanning tips with other readers below.