Should you add jade-rolling to your beauty regime?

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jade rollers


Never heard of jade-rolling? You’re not alone. But this unusual technique is becoming a cult skincare secret in certain circles. Want to find out what the buzz is about? Here’s what you need to know about this latest trending beauty technique.


What is jade-rolling?

You might have noticed that crystals and gemstones are rising in popularity. Whether they’re dangling from earlobes or sparkling on a mantlepiece, these natural beauties are popping up everywhere – and now they’ve made it into skincare regimes!

Cold, smooth jade feels wonderful against the skin, so it’s perhaps little wonder that somebody created an implement for rolling the stone across your face. Jade rollers are beautiful little items which look gorgeous on dressing tables. They also feel fantastic when rolled across your face – particularly underneath tired eyes. Believed, in ancient Chinese medicine, to remove negative energy (chi), jade-rolling also has a spiritual component – but it also feels really good too.


Beauty benefits of jade-rolling

There are lots of purported beauty benefits to consider as well…

  • Lymphatic drainage boosting

Hate waking up looking puffy? Jade-rolling could help. Many believe that this technique boosts your lymphatic drainage, soothing away the excess fluids that can build up around your cheeks and eyes.

  • No more dark circles

Frustrated with noticeable eye bags? Jade-rolling is thought to improve blood flow to the under eye area, leaving the skin looking healthier.

  • Facial relaxation

So many of us live our fast-paced lives without realising just how tense our faces are. From clenched jaws and teeth, to frowning brows and rigid temples, we can carry a lot of tension in our faces (a recipe for wrinkles!). Jade-rolling can give us a self-face massage, promoting facial (and whole body) relaxation.

  • Circulation stimulating

Jade-rolling doesn’t just improve blood flow beneath the eyes, it also stimulates circulation all over our faces. This effect is believed to have a range of benefits from faster healing, to a healthier glow.

Have you tried jade-rolling before? What were the results? Do you think this technique is a fad or fabulous? Have your say below.