How to Avoid Dizziness While Exercising

Posted by: esd admin


Whether we workout once a week, once in a blue moon or once a day, dizziness is a problem which can affect all of us. We’ve hydrated properly, we’ve eaten heartily but when we push our bodies hard, sometimes a dizzy spell is unavoidable – and it can really put us off our game!

If you suffer from dizzy spells frequently while working out, it’s important to consult your doctor to rule out any underlying issues. However, if you have a clean bill of health, there may be some simple fixes you can try which will help you avoid those unpleasant, woozy moments.

The key to why most of us feel dizzy from time to time lies in our blood. There are three main things which can happen to our blood while we work out which can trigger this dizzying effect; its blood sugar level can drop, its pressure can drop or its pH balance can become more acidic due to the release of lactic acid from our muscles as we exercise.

So how can you prevent these three issues from making you feel dizzy:


1. Stay Properly Hydrated

It might be an old chestnut but staying hydrated while you exercise is so, so important. Proper hydration will help keep your blood pressure in check while you’re exercising, saving you from light-headedness due to a blood pressure drop.


2. Don’t eat right before you exercise

This might sound counter-intuitive, but avoiding eating for three hours prior to your workout could help keep your blood sugar steady. When we eat, our bodies produce insulin which tells our cells to absorb sugar from our blood. Exercise makes our cells even more insulin-sensitive which means our blood sugar levels can drop rapidly if we eat and exercise immediately.


3. Warm up & down for five minutes

Don’t blast your body with a sudden burst of exercise, instead, steadily work your way up to a work out with a 5 minute warm up to help keep your blood pressure steady without any nasty plummeting effects.

Do you get dizzy when you work out? Do you have any tips or tricks that help you avoid the problem? Share your stories and experience with other readers below.