Back Beauty: How to banish back blemishes

Posted by: esd admin

women in the sun


If you’ve been dreaming of an easy breezy summer all winter long, you’re probably head over heels with this season’s beautiful weather. The perfect opportunity for picnics and frolics, all of this lovely sunshine is just asking for a big floppy hat, some statement shades and a cool, floaty dress.

A backless dress is a summer wardrobe must have. Perfect for feeling those summer breezes on your skin and floating around feeling cool when the temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius, going backless is a total treat in the summer months.

But exposing our backs to the world isn’t at the top of everybody’s to do list. For many of us, worries about our skin can keep us covered up. But with the sunshine beaming down, there’s no better time than to embrace the skin you’re in!

If you do have a few insecurities about back blemishes, however, these tips will help you boost your back confidence…


Exfoliate once a week

Giving your back a really good scrub once a week will help remove any dead skin and bacteria which could be clogging up your pores, leading to blemishes on your back. Choose a gentle body scrub, or make your own out of ingredients such as brown sugar and smashed avocado stones.


Keep changing
Whether it’s after a sweaty yoga session or a long day on public transport, sweaty clothing harbours lots of bacteria which can inflame our pores, causing blemishes. Change out of sweaty clothes as soon as you can and always wash your active wear before reusing it.


Keep bedding fresh
We do a lot of sweating at night, even in the winter! Keeping your sheets fresh with a weekly change will ensure you’re not exposing your back to any nasties while you sleep.


Our backs can be tricky spots to reach, so they can often be left out of our moisturising regimes. Keeping your skin hydrated all over, however, will help keep skin healthy, pores unclogged and heal any marks more quickly. Choose a body lotion with a dose of SPF to protect your back from UV.

Do you suffer from back blemishes? How do you look after your skin for summer? Share what works and what doesn’t with other readers below.