Beat Boredom Snacking With These 5 Healthy Treats

Posted by: Niral

Snacking out of boredom is naughty, but most of us are naughty mindless munchers from time-to-time. Whether we’re watching the clock ooze past 11.30am at our desks, or waiting for that ASOS delivery to arrive at home, chowing down on a tasty treat or twelve can become terribly tempting upon occasion.


Nutritionists will be quick to tell you that “boredom snacking” is a very bad idea. But sometimes there’s nothing for it but to surrender to the cravings, be they sweet or savoury. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make sure that, if you do munch out of boredom, you’re doing it healthily. Here are 5 boredom snacks that you can enjoy pretty much guilt-free.


1. Turkey Jerky

If you’re craving a meaty snack, turkey jerky is a far healthier alternative to cold meats, biltong, pork scratchings or regular beef jerky. Containing just 1g of carbohydrates and 4% fat in 100g, this low cholesterol meat treat is also comparatively low in calories, with a mere 80 per 25g serving. Fantastic for when you need a little protein.


2. Gherkins

Yes, you read that right, gherkins. For those of us who suffer from crunchy, salty cravings, pickled snacks are actually pretty OK to munch on, with the added bonus that you may already be a habitual fridge-raiding pickle-snacker. Three gherkins are equal to about 24 calories – happy days!


3. Freeze Dried Raspberries

With only 35 calories per pack, freeze dried fruit is a sweet treat that won’t make you feel guilty mid-munch. Freeze drying also keeps the natural goodness of fruit locked in, so you can enjoy handy pocket-sized snacks with no added sugar, no colourings and no preservatives.


4. Popping Sorghum

Popping popcorn without butter or oil in the microwave will leave you with a healthy, crunchy snack. However, for an even healthier alternative, it’s hard to beat sorghum. The little kernels work just like popcorn, but they’re even more wholesome, smaller and lighter. If you need a little extra flavour, try popping them in nut butter or coconut oil with just a pinch of salt.


5. Seaweed Thins

At just 22 calories per pack and crammed with health-boosting iron, seaweed based snacks are the crunchy treat you need to cure your boredom snack cravings virtuously. We’re pretty keen on Itsu’s wasabi flavour, but there are lots of other yummy options for snackers with less spicy tastes – and they’re all better for you than a packet of Pringles!

What’s your favourite virtuous boredom snack? Have you tried seaweed snacks before? What do you think – yummy or not so scrummy? Share your picks below