Beat the Heat: How to Humidity-proof Your Hair

Posted by: esd admin

humid forest

Whether it’s muggy, drizzling and grey, or blazingly hot yet blustery, the often bizarre British weather can be a humid disaster for your hair during the spring and summer.

If the weird and unpredictable weather turns your luscious locks into a heap of fly-aways and a whole lot of frizz, you might be coming up with nothing when it comes to finding a fix…

In the face of the Great British weather, ensuring your hair is en pointe when the thermometer hits 38 and the heavens open is no mean feat. But it’s not impossible!

Here are our top tips for beating humidity frizz…


1. De-frizz wet hair

One of your greatest weapons in the fight against frizz is anti-frizz serum. Apply anti-frizz products like these to your hair straight after your bath or shower. As soon as your hair starts to dry, frizz starts to form, so get on top of the problem ASAP to really lock in that smoothness.

2. Choose an updo

If your hair suffers in the humidity, a “messy” updo is a great way to embrace the flyaways and ensure your look doesn’t seem untidy or unkempt. From a messy bun, to a pretty plait, updos keep humidity frizz under control, especially with a spritz or two of hairspray to keep everything in place.

3. Try Hair Oils

Hair oils like shea butter or castor oil can make fine hair look instantly greasy, but on thicker, frizzier locks they can work miracles. Coconut oil is another good option which will help to tame frizz whilst protecting and strengthening your hair.

4. Choose your towel wisely

The towel you use to dry your hair, and the way you dry it can seriously add to a frizzy humidity problem. Getting as much moisture out of your hair without “roughing it up” is the key. Invest in a microfibre towel which is gentle and highly absorbent and use it to squeeze out moisture instead of rubbing to reduce frizz as much as possible.

Do you suffer from humidity frizz at this time of year? Do you have any tricks or techniques which fix the problem? Share your ideas below.