Blushing Beauties: How to Pick Your Perfect Rouge

Posted by: esd admin


A dab (or a dollop!) of colour on the cheeks can work wonders, breathing life and brightness into your complexion.

In the winter months, when our faces are far from sun-kissed, a dose of “healthy glow” can take your look from drab to delightful with just a couple of sweeps. But it’s not always easy to get blusher right…

From unnatural shades which don’t complement your skin tone, to unusual placement which highlights unflattering area of your face, poor blusher choices can look very peculiar indeed. We’re all for artistic looks, but if you’re going for classic beauty, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips which will help you choose your perfect blush.


1. For pale and light skin

Choosing a flattering blush for very light skin can be a challenge – especially if you don’t want to settle for a predictable baby pink shade, which is pretty but isn’t especially sophisticated. The trick here is to opt for cooler shades as overly warm tones (like rich plums and reds) will leave you looking pallid in contrast. Choose light corals and gentle peaches to mix things up.

2. For mid-tone skin

Not an English rose, but don’t have a darker skin tone? It’s time to be adventurous. Mid-tone skin works with a huge range of shades, so you can pair your complexion with an array of colours and finishes. Splash out on a fun palette and get creative! Choose warm shades in the winter and cooler tones in the summer to get the best out of your complexion.

3. Mid-dark skin

A complexion which is darker brown is a fantastic foundation for shades which pack a punch, as lighter shades show up very powerfully. If you’re not interested in making a statement, however, opt for hot corals, warm reads and neutral mid pinks to give achieve a more natural warmth and glow. For vivid impact, play around with candy pinks!

4. Rich, dark skin

Brick red blushes look incredible on deeper, darker skin tones. Lighter, poppier shades can get lost or look unnatural on skin with a rich ebony tint, but very warm, deep reds create a natural glow which looks stunning.

What’s your “go-to” blusher for your skin tone? Share your tips and picks with other readers below.