How to Brunch Better (and Healthier)

Posted by: esd admin

What was once an Americanism has now become a worldwide culinary phenomenon. The greasy spoon breakfasts of Britain have, over the last decade, been morphing into a much more sophisticated affair. Yes, friends, the UK has now become a country of brunchers.

From waffles and bacon pancakes, to eggs royale and breakfast burritos, our morning diets have become much more varied and extravagant in recent years, as more and more of us decide to “do brunch”. But as yummy and sociable as it might be, this trendy meal is not exactly healthy…

To help you give your brunching habits a healthy boost, we’ve compiled a few great, tasty options which won’t leave you feeling guilty for the rest of the day…


1. Banana Pancakes


It looks like a pancake, it tastes like a pancake, but – good gracious! – it’s much better for you than a “real” pancake. Made from just mashed banana and eggs, these brunch treats won’t give you pancake shame. Load them with (surprisingly healthy) maple syrup and fruit for a low fat taste sensation.

2. Brunch Parfait

brunch parfait

Forget yoghurt and granola, it’s time for a breakfast parfait. The trick to a truly tasty parfait which won’t make you feel like you’ve chosen the boring healthy option is to invest in plenty of really yummy ingredients which you love – then customise to make your perfect scrummy morning treat!

3. Avocado & Poached Egg on Toast

avocado poached egg

Sometimes it’s all about eating the right kind of calories, rather than avoiding them altogether – especially if you’re about to take on a seriously energy-heavy day. Avocado and poached egg on toast is full of great protein and omega three – good fats which will keep you powered up and healthy.

What’s your favourite healthy brunch food? What about your guilty brunch pleasures? Share your picks with other hungry readers below!