How to Buy the Best Make-up Brushes for Your Beauty Regime

Posted by: esd admin

beauty brush

From stippling and contouring, to “strobing” and simply applying a bit of blush, an artist needs her tools. Whether you love the sculpting abilities of a clever contour, or prefer your look au naturale, investing in a decent set of make-up brushes can help you raise your beauty game, whatever your preferred technique and style.

But with so many different styles, materials, shapes and sizes on the market, how can you know which brushes are right for you? Should you opt for a natural kabuki brush or synthetic foundation brush? To help you assemble your ultimate beauty toolkit, we’ve put together a few top tips…


1. Go Natural

Natural bristles are the best for virtually any application. Although natural bristles can soak up product and collect bacteria faster (therefore requiring more regular cleaning) they are the softest option for your skin and, thanks to their natural cuticle, they do a really good job of “hanging on” to your product as you transfer it to your face. Blue squirrel hair is top of the line, while kolinsky sable, goat and pony brushes make good, affordable alternatives.

2. Assign Roles

Don’t use your beauty brushes to multi-task – instead choose a brush for each type of make-up application. A good, basic set will include at least four brushes; a fingertip sized eye shadow brush, a smaller shadow brush for blending, a large powder brush and a slightly smaller fluffy brush for bronzing and blushing.

3. Invest in Quality

There are some very pricey make-up brushes out there. We’d recommend investing in the highest quality your budget can stretch to. Work out what you can afford, then read up on brush reviews at the top of your price range. Not all brushes were created equal, so do your research to make sure you’re getting the best. A costlier brush is a good investment as good quality options can last many years with the correct care.

Do you use an array of brushes as part of your make-up routine? Do you have a favourite brand, material or style? Share your picks with other readers below.