Could castor oil give your hair a health kick?

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Recent beauty and hair trends have been all about oils and serums. Argan oil for your hair, jojoba oil for your skin, coconut oil for – well – absolutely everything. If you haven’t jumped on the(somewhat slippery) beauty oil bandwagon yet, it’s probably only a matter of time.

And it could be the latest hair oil must-have which finally persuades you to give beauty oils a go. Castor oil is being heralded as a miracle hair treatment. OK, it won’t instantly give you the long flowing princess tresses of your youthful dreams, but this product does have a heap of very tempting benefits.

Let’s take it from the top.


What is castor oil?

Castor oil is derived from the pressing of castor seeds, which makes it a pleasingly au naturale type of product. Incredibly rich in ricinoleic acid (an essential amino acid) plus the fatty acids our body needs to perform at its peak (Omega-3 and Omega-6), castor oil is good for both our insides and our outsides.


So what can it do for our hair?



Intensely moisturising, castor oil works to trap moisture within our hair, smoothing out our hair cuticles. Whether you have frizzy, wild, dry or curly hair, this oil will hydrate your locks and leave them in fabulous, moisturised condition – essential for sleekness and shine!

Happy Scalps

Castor oil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components, which means its really good news for our scalps. If you struggle with a dry or irritated scalp, this wonder oil will sort you right out.

Healthy Growth

Are you trying to grow your hair? If you’re tired of your locks looking unhappy after a certain point, or you’re struggling to go beyond a certain length, castor oil could help. While castor oil won’t actively make your hair grow, its conditioning properties encourage healthy hair growth and protect your locks from everyday damage. This could help your tresses reach longer lengths before they start looking less than their best.

Have you tried using castor oil in your hair before? What were the results? What’s your favourite hair oil? Have your say below.