How to Choose Your Most Flattering Eyebrow Shape

Posted by: esd admin


As the beauty world has discovered over the past five years, eyebrows can really make or break a face. Gone are the days of impossibly thin brows, and little squiggly lines drawn onto the face. Today the most envy-triggering looks are set off by perfect, thick and immaculately shaped eyebrows which act as a definition-enhancing frame for the face.

They may set off a beauty look to perfection, but mastering stunning eyebrows can feel like an impossible science, mixed with more than a little wizardry. How do you ensure both brows are the same shape? How do you resist over-plucking? How can you keep on top of brow maintenance? And how can you fill out your brows without making yourself look like an egg with drawn-on squiggles?

You’ll find a wealth of resources and videos all about achieving eyebrow perfection online. If you’re wondering how to decide on your perfect eyebrow shape in the first place, however, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which eyebrow shape will best flatter your beautiful face!


If you have a heart-shaped face…

A low, rounded arched brow is a good choice for heart-shaped faces. Curved brows will flatter the roundness at your hairline, complementing your features.


If you have an oval face…

A gentle curve which doesn’t stray too far from your natural brow shape is the best option for oval faces. Oval faces have a soft balance of features, so a strong or dramatic brow can look out of place.


If you have a round face

A high arch looks wonderful on a round face, adding an angular edge and lengthening effect which gives balance to round beauty. Be sure to avoid rounded brows as these will mirror your face shape, blending into the background.


If you have a square face

Soft definition is the name of the game here. A square face is a strong feature, so it requires balancing with a well-defined brow. Beware overdoing things, however. A strong face with an overly dramatic brow will create a harsh impression. Define your natural brow shape with eyebrow pencil, but be sure to blend it in subtly.

What brow shape do you wear? How do you achieve brow perfection? Share your tips and tricks with other readers below.