How to choose the perfect trainers for your running style

Posted by: esd admin

running woman

Are you planning on hitting the pavements this spring? If you’re feeling inspired by the warm weather, blue skies and incipient bikini season, now is an excellent time to turn that motivation into miles. It’s also a great time to invest in a new pair of trainers to really put the spring into your step.

But not all trainers will make your workouts feel wonderful. In fact, if you put a foot wrong, you could wind up with shoes which make those kilometres feel downright excruciating, seriously throwing you off your game. If you’re in the market for a new set of kicks, here’s a quick guide to finding your perfect pair, based on your running style.


1. Long distance runners

Whether you’re involved in a marathon this year or simply love to cover big distances on your runs, you’ll need a seriously stable pair of trainers to protect and support your ankles and knees. Splashing out a little more on these shoes will help keep your body in good working order. Look for designs which are heavy duty and durable, but very comfortable on the foot with an excellent fit.


2. Cross country runners

Love getting off the beaten track and taking on different terrains? You’ll need a durable and supportive pair of trainers which prioritise traction to keep you upright, whatever surfaces you traverse.


3. Newbie runners

If you’re new to this running lark, you probably won’t want to shell out a fortune on a pair of trainers. Instead, look for something lightweight and made by a reliable brand like Nike or Asics to ensure you pick up a decent pair which make getting started feel as painless as possible.


4. Minimalist runners

If you like the feel of the wind in your hair, rain on your skin and the smell of the earth beneath your feet, opting for a “barefoot” style trainer will help you feel closer to nature and to your running experience – they’re even believed to be better for your posture.

Which type of trainers do you favour for running? What type of runner are you? Share your picks, tips and stories with other readers below