How to Control Curls in the Summer Heat

Posted by: esd admin

curly hair


We love big curls (and little curls too!), but the summer can wreak havoc with curly mops. Humidity can be a particular problem, with buoyant bouncy curls becoming limp, frizzy and just-plain not fun to deal with then the weather gets hot.

But beautiful weather doesn’t have to spell a lacklustre barnet. In fact, there are tonnes of tips and tricks which can keep curly dos looking their finest, even when the temperature starts to climb past 30 degrees Celsius.

Ready to upgrade your summertime curly hair care routine? Here are our favourite ideas to keep your hair looking cool when it’s hot outside…


1. Stay Hydrated

This might sound like an unusual tip, but all sorts of curly haired lovelies will attest that staying hydrated will actually help your hair stay in prime condition. Hydration is essential for your body, your mind and your skin during hot summer months, but its effects may also help your hair stay in shape.


2. Wrap your locks

Wrapping your curls up at night is a good way to give your hair a break while you sleep. Tossing and turning on hot summer nights (and winter ones too) can place stress on your hair (that’s why some people swear by silk pillows!). Wrapping up your locks in a headscarf will help protect them overnight, it can also help keep you cool be keeping your hair off your face and neck. Win win! Try a specialist silk wrap for even better effects.


3. Majorly Moisturise

Keeping your hair moisture rich is a crucial way to protect curls from the summer heat and humidity. Organic, alcohol-free conditioners (especially leave in options full of natural oils) are a great option when you want to ensure your locks are being properly taken care of. Apply a leave-in conditioner and braid your hair before bed to really lock in the good stuff.

Does your curly hair misbehave in the heat? How do you make sure your curls look their best whatever the weather? Share your tips with other readers below.