Cutting Down on Alcohol Could Fix These 4 Health Issues…

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With Christmas just around the corner, ‘tis (almost) the season to be jolly by drinking more than your fair share of festive cheer. But all of that seasonal spirit could leave you feeling groggy, bloated, tired, down in the dumps and just plain not good.

Us Brits may have developed something of a reputation for binge-drinking (and Christmas parties certainly present ample reason to lean in to the stereotype), but in recent years younger generations have been moving away from excessive alcohol consumption and showing older drinkers that consumption in moderation is a much smarter move.

As a matter of fact, alcohol may not just be triggering the common knock-on instant side effects you know all too well. It could also be contributing to other, more long-term health complaints which you may not have previously associated with alcohol consumption.

Whether you’ve been battling a low mood, struggling to lose weight or finding getting enough sleep difficult, cutting alcohol from your diet could make a big positive difference. Here are four health issues which banishing the booze could fix…

1. Tiredness

There are all sorts of reasons why some people struggle to get to sleep – or to enjoy high quality sleep once they’ve finally drifted off. However, going to bed after consuming alcohol can seriously impact your shut eye. You might switch off faster, but alcohol reduces the REM sleep your body needs to re-energise.

2. Weight Gain

If you’ve surpassed your BMI and have noticed your body is still gaining weight, you might be thinking about finding ways to slow down weight gain. Cutting out alcohol will almost certainly have a dramatic effect on your weight. Booze isn’t just full of sugar and empty calories, it also suppresses leptin – a hunger-regulating hormone which stops you overeating.

3. Low Energy

Struggling at work? Feeling weak at the gym? It might be the impact of alcohol on your body’s levels of B12. This important energy-giving vitamin gets burned up rapidly when we indulge in a tipple, leaving us with less energy overall.

4. Blood Pressure Spikes

Alcohol can cause your blood pressure to spike dramatically when you enjoy a beverage or three. This effect is especially common in women. These spikes in blood pressure can be harmful over the long term and immediately dangerous in some rare cases, for instance, if you have an underlying cardiac issue.

Have you cut out booze over an extended period, such as Dry January? How did you feel during your sober period? Would you do it again? Share your stories and thoughts with other readers