Deskercise: 3 Energising At-Work Workouts

Posted by: esd admin

exercise at the desk

Whether you suffer from the 11am slump or the 3pm malaise, it’s very, very hard to stay energised and “on it” all day every day at work. Most of the time, we need a little pick me up every now and again, whether that’s a strong coffee, a packet of crisps or a naughty sugary snack. But you don’t have to reach for the treats to help perk yourself up at work – in fact you can take a totally healthy approach which will have you raring to go in no time, with none of that nasty post-snacking guilt.

Exercise is a great way to invigorate yourself, but how can you enjoy the benefit at work? One word: deskercise! Whether you are lucky enough to have your own office, book out a meeting room for 15 minutes or encourage your open plan colleagues to join in, these three at-work workouts will get you back on track and super productive!


1. Tricep Dips

This exercise requires only a stable chair to complete. We’d advise 10 repetitions to get your blood pumped and your brain freshly energised. Place your hands a shoulder’s width apart on a chair behind you, using them to support your body weight with your feet out a little in front. Then use your triceps to lift and lower your body, taking care not to allow your bottom to touch the floor.

2. Shoulder Tapping Push Up Planks

The ultimate equipment-free deskercise. Get into a push up position with your shoulders aligned directly above your wrists. Maintain this position by keeping your core strong as you tap your left shoulder with your right hand, then your right shoulder with your left hand, repeating 30 times.

3. Chair Squats

Full squats may feel like a little “too much” in the office – especially under the gaze of your curious colleagues – but chair squats are a happy medium and a great move to boost energy. Making sure that our never fully sit down, stretch your arms out horizontally in front of you and move from an almost seated (but not quite!) position, to a standing position 20 times to feel the burn!

Do you exercise at work? Do you have any great moves to share? Join the conversation with our other readers below.