Should You Be Drinking Hydrogen Water?

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hydrogen water

We all know that keeping hydrated is very important. From our physical health, to the appearance of our skin, glugging down those eight glasses of water every day is still one of the health and beauty holy grails we’re all striving for!

But now a brand new hydration obsession is on the way, and it could change our water guzzling habits for good. Everybody brace yourselves for the upcoming beauty trend that is…Hydrogen water.


Big in Japan

Hydrogen water has been part of the health and beauty scene in Japan since the 1960s. This science-y sounding water contains extra protons and electrons designed to make your boring old beverage hydrogen rich.

In Japan, this hydrogen-hyped water has been used for bathing and as a beverage for decades and, as of six months ago, the substance has been approved for use in medical IVs to treat a whole range of conditions including dehydration and infections.

Following this medical approval, the Japanese have gone hydrogen water crazy, buying machines which infuse their water with hydrogen at home and swallowing hydrogen rich supplements too.


The benefits of hydrogen water

The benefits which have prompted the craze may sound too good to be true, but are grounded in science. A study of people bathing in hydrogen rich baths over the course of six months found that the practice triggered visible improvement in neck wrinkles. In another study, UV-damaged human skin cells were shown to increase collagen production after being immersed in hydrogen water for two days.

The science behind the substance certainly sounds impressive. According to one study, hydrogen ingested in this way can enter the energy centre of cells, reaching the DNA-crammed nucleus. Here it reduces the number of free radicals present in each cell (which can cause inflammation, cancer, ageing and a whole host of other nasties), giving the whole cell a health kick.

Right now, a few hydrogen water products are available in the West, but they do come with a steeper price tag than your usual bottled water. Keep your eyes peeled for these products on beauty shelves soon!

Do you think hydrogen water is healthy or a bunch of hype? Would you try this new “it” product? Have your say below.