Should You Be Exercising Indoors or Outdoors?

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With the seasons shifting this September, you may be considering moving your workouts indoors to avoid the cold or outdoors, now you’re no longer hampered by the heat. We’re all different, after all. While some of us love the freshness of a wintry morning and wilt in high temperatures, others hate nothing more than feeling cold and getting wet, while getting a good sweat on in the summer feels powerful.

Autumn is a real time of change, which makes the end of September a great time to reassess your fitness regime. Should you be moving your exercise outside? Or should you be renewing your gym membership? We explore the pros and cons…

The Great Outdoors


  • Pro: Nature is a natural stress-reliever
    Proven by science to significantly reduce stress and increase endorphin release, getting outside (especially in green places) is good for our mental health as well as for our bodies.
  • Pro: It’s addictive
    Outdoor exercise may even be a little addictive, thanks to these hormonal releases. The pleasure of seeing (physically) how far you’ve come is another big boost which can make you more likely to stick to your routine and get more from your fitness plan.
  • Con: It can be wet and slippery
    The occasional spontaneous run in the rain can feel exhilarating, but getting soggy on the regular can be very down-heartening. While unpleasant, it’s nothing compared to the pain of a sprain caused by slippery leaves or even ice – you need to be extra careful out there!


The Cosy Indoors


  • Pro: You can get an intense, precision workout
    No getting lost, no unexpected inclines, no beautiful views or other distractions – you can hone real focus in a gym, with equipment that will help you get an ultra precise workout.
  • Pro: You can get a varied workout
    Unless you’re taking your kettle bells to the park, your outdoor workout probably won’t be as good of an all-rounder as the varied workout you can get at the gym.
  • Pro: It’s warm and dry
    Enough said!
  • Con: It’s pretty boring
    Compared to the great outdoors, the sight of Mike on the crossfit and the blare of pop music isn’t exactly inspiring.


Do you prefer working out indoors or outdoors? Perhaps you like to mix it up? Share your preferences with other readers below.