Flavour & fitness: The spices with health benefits

Posted by: esd admin


Do you love food with bags of flavour? We do too! One of the best things about flavoursome food is that it doesn’t have to be packed with sugar, carbs, fats and salt to taste great and to feel really satisfying.

But deliciousness is just one of the perks of infusing your cooking with tasty spices. Many spices come with health benefits of their own. Want to start making your meals both yummy and extra healthy? Why not incorporate one of these flavoursome choices into your next culinary session to enjoy bonus health benefits?


1. Cayenne Pepper

Fantastic for adding a medium-spicy, peppery kick to dishes, cayenne pepper is also believed to be packed with health benefits. Thought to contain circulation boosting abilities, cayenne pepper may also promote digestion and even reduce minor heartburn by boosting the creation of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.


2. Ginger

Very tasty in both sweet and savoury dishes, ginger is a well known cure for an upset stomach. From reducing nausea (including sickness triggered by pregnancy and chemotherapy), to fighting inflammation (very helpful for arthritis related conditions), this is a powerful spice, with a rich, warm flavour.


3. Turmeric

Freshly trendy tumeric is positively bursting with potential health benefits – just ask the next stall or health store owner selling golden milk (made using tumeric). This spice contains curcumin, which some believe can slow the onset of conditions like Alzheimer’s and even reduce the joint swelling effects of arthritis.


4. Wasabi

Love sushi? This Japanese cuisine is already rich in Omega-3 thanks to its delicious raw fish, but the eye-watering wasabi on the side of your plate may also be very good for you. Wasabi is thought to have antibacterial properties and antifungal effects, keeping your digestive system in great condition. Some even think it can reduce the risk of blood clots.

Which of our healthy spices is your favourite? Do you have any recipes you love to make which use these ingredients? Share the yumminess with other readers below!