Is Foam Conditioner The Hair Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For?

Posted by: esd admin


Beauty and hair bloggers all over the world wide web have been hailing a freshly developed invention as the answer to your fine-haired prayers.

Recently created by haircare brand Pantene, foam conditioner has been generating a whole lot of hype both online and in beauty circles. But is this lightweight, moisturising product really a haircare revelation? And is it worth the hype?


Why Foam?

Anyone with fine hair will know identify with the struggle to keep your hair shiny and glossy without turning into a grease ball within a matter of hours. Finding a lightweight conditioner for fine hair can be a real struggle, especially for those of us with poker straight locks who crave texture and volume.

Virtually every conditioner type will leave this type of hair limp and, while a lightweight option might help you retain shine while avoiding oil, it will do nothing for the body and volume of your hair. To achieve any volume, you’ll probably need to avoid conditioner completely, which usually means flyaways and frazzles a-plenty.

The Holy Grail

Foam conditioner, however, doesn’t weigh hair down. This new product squirts out of the container just like shaving foam, allowing you to moisturise your hair without coating it in ingredients which weigh it down once you’re out of the shower.

Although other supposedly “weightless” conditioners for fine hair are already readily available, the reception this product is getting blows previous options out of the water. And, according to bloggers, this product won’t dry out your locks after a handful of uses.

We’re intrigued!

Have you tried foam conditioner? Did it work for you? Do you have any tips for moisturising and volumising fine hair at the same time? Have your say below…