In or Out: Where do you get the best workout?

Posted by: esd admin

woman running outside

Are you in or are you out? No we’re not talking about Brexit, or your bellybutton, we’re talking about your favourite exercise habitat. Do you prefer getting your sweat on in the great outdoors, or do you prefer to stay warm and dry while you workout?

Whichever option you prefer, there may be some downsides and some benefits you haven’t considered before, which could be impacting your fitness. In this post we’ll be examining the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor fitness, to help you find the perfect ratio for you.

Indoor Fitness

It’s warm, it’s dry, there are fewer distractions and you can even watch television while you train. How do indoor workouts stack up?

You can achieve a more intense workout

Without the distractions of scenery, cute dogs and navigation, or the obstacles of wind, rain and tree roots, you can really focus on exactly what your body’s doing, helping you get a more intense workout.

You can achieve better results

With this extra level of focus and intensity, indoor workouts can help you achieve better results faster.

It can get boring

For some, lack of distraction is a perk, for others it’s a real downside, leading them to feel bored, lose focus and lose concentration too. Regularly changing up your workout, your playlist and even watching content while you workout can help you stay on track.

Outdoor Fitness

The world can be a beautiful, inspiring and motivating place – perfect for feel-good fitness – until it rains…

It’s a proven stress-buster

Getting your exercise on outside has been repeatedly shown to reduce our stress and anxiety levels, even compared to indoor workouts. That’s way more endorphins for your buck.

It’s addictive and varied

These “good feelings” make many outdoor fitness aficionados want to keep going back for more, boosting motivation – especially with opportunities for varied routes and views.

Injury is more likely

From slippery leaves to tree roots, coming a cropper is more likely when you exercise outside.

Bad Weather is miserable

Sometimes a downpour will make you feel even more alive as you workout. Other times it can feel absolutely miserable.

Do you prefer working out inside or outdoors? Share your favourite perks and least favourite downsides with other readers below.