How to Get That Fluttery Fake Lash Look, with None of the Faff of Falsies

Posted by: esd admin


If you love the long-lashed look of false eyelashes, we’re willing to be that you’ve just about had it up to here with the hassle, faff, mess and expense of “faking it”. But, even if fake lashes do drive you up the wall, there’s no denying that they really do the trick in a way few bottles of mascara can.

But, as luck would have it, there are some clever tricks which will help you banish all those strips and glue. The results might not have the impact of more serious falsies, but these simple steps will enhance what your mama gave you (in the eyelash department) significantly, with no need for extra mess. Here’s how it’s done…


1.Comb Your Lashes

The density of false lashes is just as important as the length. To give your natural lashes maximum density, begin the process by combing them with a small eyebrow or eyelash comb to make sure no lashes are stuck together. This will help you avoid clumps and create a densely fringed look when it’s time to apply mascara.

2.Get Curling

Time for a bit of a natural lift. Before you get the wand out, carefully crimp your lashes with an eyelash curler to help make them look as long as possible.

3.Start with the Outer Corners

False lashes are great for creating a thick, winged look, especially because they add more lashes to the outer corner of the eye. This “sweet spot” is where you should focus the most attention, applying mascara with a one sided brush from the very, very bottom of the lashes to the tips in the outer corner only.

4.Apply the Final Coat

To complete the effect, finish up with a light coat applied carefully to all of your lashes using a round brush and an upward motion. Take care to avoid clumping and keep it light to ensure your lashes are fluttery, not clumpy.
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