Get Lippy: 4 tutorials to create your perfect pout

Posted by: esd admin

Eyebrows and lips are beauty big hitters at the moment, with the beauty look du jour  featuring thick, defined brows and a fuller, bolder pout. But not all of us have been blessed with plump pouts and a perfect Cupid’s bow – and not all of us can afford the lip fillers which have become all the rage in recent years.

But you don’t need to turn to expensive needles if you want to achieve that powerful on trend pout. To go full Kylie Jenner, a few make up tips may be all you need. Whether you want bigger, plumper or more shapely lips, we’ve rounded up some pro tutorials to help you get the look.

1. If you want fuller lips…

This is a pretty intense approach to getting the lip look you want, but if you’ve always dreamed of having the pouty, pillowy lips you usually need genetics or filler injections to achieve, this tutorial is your painless shortcut. Here this beauty witch contours her lips, using light and shade to create the illusion of serious fullness.


2. If you want bigger lips…

A full pout is up there with strong brows when it comes to beauty desirables, but we can’t all be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Rihanna. If you want bigger lips, it’s all about overlining, then filling in the area between your new lip line and your natural lip line to create a whole new shape.


3. If you want a defined Cupid’s bow

Bold, shapely lips are on many a beauty-lover’s wishlist, and they’re actually pretty easy to achieve. This tutorial will show you how to create a defined Cupid’s bow and give your lips a strong shape, without making your pout look overdone and unnatural.


4. If you want a full bottom lip

If you want to give your bottom lip more “oomph!”, you’re not alone. Whether you want to even up your pout or create a “bottom heavy” look, this tutorial will show you the ropes helping you to create the look you’ve been dying for with a few helpful make up pointers.

What one change would you make to your pout or are you happy with your smackers? Would you consider lip fillers? Have you tried any of the techniques above? Share your two cent’s in the comments below.