How to Get Results on a Rest Day

Posted by: esd admin


female on a bed

You’ve hit the gym, used your body weight to feel the burn and run like the wind on Sunday afternoon, now it’s time for a hard-earned rest day. But did you know, a few tricks could turn rest day into fitness results?

Before you go “full pyjama” and curl up on the sofa, read up on our rest day tips and tricks which will help you capitalise on all that hard work you’ve been doing, helping you get fitter and burn more fat.

Ready, steady, rest!

1. Include some low intensity exercise

OK, so strictly this isn’t “resting” but 20-40 minutes of incline walking isn’t going to feel too strenuous compared to a workout day, right? Factoring low intensity exercise into your rest day will allow your body to recover from its heavier sessions, while still burning calories. To ensure you’re hitting the low intensity “sweet spot” make sure you can comfortably sustain a conversation while you’re moving.

2. Indulge in a rub down

You don’t have to ask us twice to get a massage! Treating yourself to a rub down, whether you get a professional to soothe your aches and pains or use a foam roller on yourself at home, will minimise DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) so you’re ready to go even harder and faster next time.

3. Take a power nap

Another tempting tip! If you’ve been feeling tired out and run down recently, don’t lounge around all day, instead make the most of your rest day but also include a 30 minute power nap, shown by science to rejuvenate the body quickly.

4. Train your breathing

Good, effective respiration can make a big, positive impact on your exercise regime. Yet many of us breathe rather poorly. Training your body, particularly your diaphragm, to breathe efficiently by spending time taking long, deep breaths (why not load up your favourite Headspace session of meditation video?) on rest days could boost your performance overall.

How do you like to spend your rest days? How many days do you exercise and how do you recover? Share your routines with other readers below.