Good Morning: 3 Easy Exercises to Start the Day Right

Posted by: esd admin

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Let’s face it – we’re not all morning people. If crawling to the gym at 6am isn’t for you, the idea of doing any exercise in the morning probably seems nigh on impossible.

However, if you can psych yourself up, rolling out of bed and performing  a quick exercise routine at home could make all the difference to your health and fitness. And you don’t always have to drag yourself kicking and screaming from beneath the duvet to do it.

From feeling ready to face the day with an extra hit of energy, to strengthening your core in preparation for long hours at a desk, at-home morning workouts are a great way to squeeze in some self-care before you’re even out of your pyjamas.

If you want to give an early fitness boost a try, these easy, yoga-inspired exercises will get you revved up for the day in the comfort of your own home. Repeat each movement three times to start the day right…


1. Stretch and Fold

Simply elaborating on your usual morning stretch can really wake up your whole body. From a standing position, reach your arms up towards the sky, tilting your head back to look up at them. Then gently fold your body downwards from the waist touching your toes (or even the floor), if you can. Don’t worry if you can’t reach this far, repeat this movement regularly and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your flexibility improves.


2. Downward dog(ish!)

If you’re not sure what a downward dog looks like, there are lots of helpful YouTube videos which will show you how it’s done. From this position, pull your body forward into a semi-press up position (a little like a suspended cobra). Arch your head, neck and upper back backwards to really extend that spine and strengthen your arms.


3. Side Twists

From a folded position (like the one you used in the first exercise) it’s time to do the twist! With your hands as close to the ground as feels comfortable, gently lift one arm up towards the sky, bringing your torso and face around as it rises, so that you’re looking up towards your lifted arm, with the other still in position close to the ground. Gently lower the arm and repeat the movement on the other side, creating a folded, twisting motion.

Do you do exercise in the morning? What approach do you take? How do you motivate yourself before the day has begun? Share your tips and tales with other readers below.