How to Handle an Eyebrow Meltdown

Posted by: esd admin

From over-plucking, to trimming accidents, eyebrow accidents can happen to the best and steadiest handed of us. Whether we even up our eyebrows until we end up looking perpetually surprised or go in for a bit of a strim and end up with half a brow,  there’s plenty of things which can go awry in the eyebrow department. The key to solving an eyebrow catastrophe?

Remain Calm!

The worst thing you can do when an eyebrow disaster strikes is panic. Panic can lead to rash decisions, which can turn into even bigger disasters! The minute a mistake is made, step away from the tweezers, put down the shaver, relinquish the wax and take a deep breath.

Then read these tips:

1. Let it grow

Just like a bad haircut, the fastest way to get rid of an eyebrow disaster is to let it grow. The intervening days or weeks may feel like torture as your eyebrows go through that awkward spiky, then unruly phase, but in the end you’ll have your healthy, happy brows back much faster this way.


2. Fill in sparse areas with eyebrow pencil

You don’t have to put up with imperfect looking brows while you’re growing them back. Filling in areas you have overplucked with thin, precise eyebrow pencil will cover all sorts of issues. Eyebrow powder can create an equally realistic looking cover-up for problem areas.


3. Don’t go back to waxing

Once your brows have grown back and it’s time to get shaping and grooming again, don’t make the same mistakes twice. Use a cautious approach and regularly step away from the mirror to make sure you’re not being too aggressive. If you have the budget, consider opting for a professional brow artist, especially for your first “re-grooming” as this will help you achieve the shape you need without going overboard. Above all, stick to threading and plucking – waxing is much too imprecise for this delicate task.

What’s the worst brow catastrophe you’ve ever had? How did you correct it? Share your stories and tips in the comments below.