Here’s Why you Should Stop Threading your Brows

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The perfect brows have been a beauty holy grail for years now. Full and dramatic, natural but elegantly shaped. Unless we’ve been blessed with the brows of Cara Delevingne, achieving that “spot on” look it not stroll in the park.

From sparse brows which just don’t have the bulk to look “in vogue” and the struggle to get that natural look using brow-boosting products (without looking permanently surprised or scowly), to the endless on-going plucking and care required to tame thicker brows (and keep our skin in the area cared for), there are all sorts of trials and tribulations to be weathered in pursuit of “en pointe” brows.

Whether you’re a low-maintenance sort of person, have gone the whole hog with microbladed brows semi-permanently tattooed onto your face, or have a standing appointment at your local brow bar, there is one brow care technique which beauty experts are now suggesting you steer clear of.


Why Dread Threading?

Long beloved by many who take their brow inspiration from Middle Eastern and South Asian beauty regimes, threading is a precision artform which removes unwanted hairs using a thin, doubled thread to remove hairs from the follicle. Excellent for fast and precise results, many Western beauty lovers now opt for threading over plucking or waxing at a salon.


Follicle Damage

Some beauty experts believe, however, that threading should be avoided by those chasing beautiful brows. The reason? Threading can damage the hair follicle itself, cutting it between the two threads. Damaging follicles can change how new hair grows back. Hair may regrow with a different texture (even curly!) or a different orientation. In some cases hair may not regrow from damaged follicles at all. Not good news for brow beauty!

Do you have your eyebrows threaded, plucked or waxed? Do you use a salon to perfect your brows or do you prefer the DIY approach? Share your tips and tricks with other readers below