Is your hometown a beauty big spender?

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Brand new research by has revealed which major UK cities spend the most on looking good. Do you live amongst beauty big spenders? Or is your home town penny pinching when it comes to its looks? Read on to find out…

Rendered in a cute interactive tool, this fresh research looks at the average beauty spend in a year across the country and the number of beauty services in each major city. The tool even allows you to break the numbers down by individual beauty service, from haircare to cosmetic dental care.

So where do the biggest beauty spenders live? And where are their less image-obsessed counterparts?

These five UK cities have the highest average annual beauty spend per person

5. Manchester: £5,600
4. Belfast: £5,900
3. Coventry: £6,300
2. London: £6,300
1. Leeds: £7,000

..while these five cities spend the least on looking good
5. Bristol: £3,200
4. Belfast: £3,100
3. Portsmouth: £3,000
2. Wolverhampton: £3,000
1. Aberdeen: £2,700


Do you live in one of these highest or lowest spending cities? You might also be interested to know which beauty treatments are being shelled out for in 30 different locations nationwide.

Here at Elizabeth Street Dentists we’re especially interested to know which cities spend the most on dental beauty treatments, such as teeth whitening. Yet again, Leeds came out on top, spending £1,000 per person on their pearly whites each year. Hot on their tail was London, where £840 was spent annually. Although face products were Brummies’ biggest beauty expense, they still came in third place in the dental care stakes.

This amazing beauty study takes is packed with tonnes of fascinating information about how the UK thinks about (and spends on) beauty. Get stuck into the interactive tool here or check out the infographic now.