How to Get the Most from Your 30 Minute Run

Posted by: Pete Campbell

woman running

There are only so many hours in the day – not to mention the week. As Christmas approaches, time has a horrible habit of seeming to speed up, which leaves us with even less space to squeeze in a workout. With a solid week of foodie indulgence ahead at the end of the month, getting your heart rate up and your legs pounding feels even more crucial than ever.

If you only have 30 minutes to spare, these helpful tips will help you maximise your run and get much more out of your quick sprint – perfect for when time is of the essence and it’s colder than your ex-boyfriend’s unfeeling heart out there…


1. Perfect Your Posture

Good posture is essential to efficient running. Focus on keeping your body strong and tall by picturing a string pulling you upwards from your feet, through your head and up. Then lean slightly forward to give yourself a boost from gravity. Keeping your eyes on your route 40-60 metres ahead will also help you maintain perfect, efficient posture.

2. Mid-step not heel strike

Striking the ground with your heel first is not the most efficient running technique. Aim to hit the ground with the middle of your foot by consciously trying to run with your feet directly beneath your body, not planted in front of you.

3. Keep up your strides per minute

Maximising your strides per minute (also known as your cadence) will help you get more from your 30 minute run. 180 strides per minute is a good figure if you’re feeling fit, but if that’s too heavy a workout, 140 or even 120 will be beneficial depending on your fitness level. If you’re struggling to match your set cadence, try finding a running playlist which matches your ideal pace – the right music can make a world of difference

Do you have a particular technique which helps you get more from short 30 minute runs? How do you maximise your workouts when you’ve not got much time to play with? Share your tips and techniques with other readers below.