How to Indulge This Christmas (Without Over-Indulging)

Posted by: esd admin

mince pies

Christmas can be kryptonite for health-conscious people. With so many treats on offer and fun to be had, it can be very difficult to keep your distance from the port, cheese, potatoes and meats while keeping up with your active lifestyle.

But Christmas doesn’t have to be all about abstinence for those of us keen to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. To help you find a happy medium, we’ve put together a few helpful tips which will help you indulge less & enjoy more…

1. It’s All About Balance

The Christmas period is a wonderful time for sharing great moments, great food and festive cheer with your friends and family. Depriving yourself of this can be depressing, which is why you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to the odd indulgence. A little of what you fancy, in tandem with an everyday healthy lifestyle is no bad thing, but work to find a balance you’re comfortable with. For example, try a 70/30 rule. Fill your plate with 70% healthy items, and make up the remaining 30% with smaller, more indulgent items. Alternatively, if you overindulge on Christmas day, have a good lie in, then take yourself for an extra long Boxing day run. No guilt, no disappointment!

2. One Drink, One Water

The calorific content of alcohol can be very bad news for health-conscious people during Christmas time. A good way to keep down the calorie count and avoid the damaging health effects of a few too many proseccos (not to mention the morning-after shame) is to alternate a glass of the good stuff with a glass of water. If you want to be extra healthy, stick to “clear” drinks. Vodka and soda is a low-calorie option worth opting for.

3. Set Yourself a Post-Christmas Challenge

If you’re worried your fitness levels will suffer over Christmas and New Year, set yourself a goal which falls in January or February. Whether it’s a 5K race or a marathon, find something to work towards over the Christmas period which will keep you motivated and away from overly unhealthy indulgences.

Do you struggle to avoid over-indulging at Christmas? Which foods are your biggest temptations? Share your stories with other readers below.