Introducing Microblading: The New Beauty Fad for Fans of “On Fleek” Brows

Posted by: esd admin

Tattooing on your make up may sound like an extreme (and more-than-a-little-terrifying) prospect, but beauty insiders are currently going bananas for an eyebrow beautifying treatment which does exactly that.

Known as microblading, this semi-permanent, hand-tattooing technique is one of the best-kept secrets of truly beautiful brows. Using incredibly fine needles and an incredibly steady hand, the microblading artist tattoos on hyper realistic eyebrows, one follicle at a time, creating a perfect shape which needs no plucking, and the on trend volume which ensures your brows remain fully “on fleek” at all times.


Because the pigment is implanted with a handheld tool, not a tattoo gun, it can be inserted shallowly, making the effect non-permanent but still long-lasting. First sessions usually take around two hours and touchups are usually needed every six months. With the right care and skin type, the look can last as long as three years.

For those with thin brows, or uneven brows, this new beauty fad is a tempting prospect. If you’ve done battle with brow gels, brow pencils, brow powders, brow pigments, threading and tweezers, all in persuit of the perfect brow, microblading could be the answer to your brow beauty prayers.


If you decide microblading is for you, after you make your appointment it’s time to start your detox. Substances like alcohol, aspirin, retinol and similar medications can thin your blood, which can cause excess bleeding and negatively impact your treatment. Avoid these for a week before microblading, if possible, to get the best possible results.


While needles on your browline isn’t going to be a trip to your favourite fro-yo parlour, it’s not as painful as you might think because the tattooing is very shallow. Expect to feel some discomfort which many experience as “little scratches”.


You may have some redness for a week after your microblading session, but the most important thing is to keep your newly filled-out brows as dry as possible as they heal. That means no getting sweaty and no washing your forehead for a week. Your tattooist will give you a healing ointment you can apply, while products like Sudocrem and Vaseline can help relieve any itching during the healing process.

Would you consider microblading to get the perfect brows? Have your say and share your “on fleek” brow tips with other readers below.