Is Skipping the New Spinning?

Posted by: esd admin

two cats skipping

You know how it is: The same old fitness regime, week in, week out – it can get pretty boring. While some of us relish a routine, for others, the boredom of the gym can prove to be a serious drain on motivation. That’s one reason why fitness fads come and go – offering the easily bored fresh new options to inspire their workouts and keep them active. If you’re tired of spinning classes, it may be time to join the fitness trend setters, pick up a rope and start skipping. Here are a few more reasons why…


1. It’s great for every ability level

Whether you’re new to fitness, or a regular marathon running, skipping is brilliant for exercise at every level. Easy to scale up and tone down to suit all abilities. Starting at five minutes and increasing the length of your skipping session by 30 seconds each time will help you progress rapidly. For an extra challenge, try doubling your jumps between each revolution of the rope.

2. It’s Awesome Cardio

Skipping is amazing for keeping your heart rate high, just like spinning. If you’re blending strength and cardio training, try doing 100 skips between each strength exercise, as fast as you can, to help you exercise more effectively and burn more fat.

3. Five minutes jumping = one mile running

It’s easy to get an amazing workout in less time with skipping, all while staying in one spot. Depending on how fast you skip, you could manage the cardio equivalent of running half a mile to a mile in just five minutes, and it’s much easier on your joints.

4. It’s portable and affordable

Fed up of lugging loads of equipment to the gym, or splashing out on pricey kit you can use at home? A skipping rope is a cheap and portable alternative, you can even find ropes with digital counters so you can monitor your progress and achievements.

Does skipping sound like a great addition to your fitness routine or just another fitness fad to you? Have you tried it? Have your say and share your experiences with other readers below.