Should kombucha be part of your health & beauty regime?

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Kombucha drink


Have you ever tried kombucha before? Believed to originate from China, this Japanese-named fermented tea has a rich history and a fizzy, fresh flavour. If you’re yet to take a sip, that may be about to change. That’s because kombucha is having a serious “moment” right now in health and beauty circles.

Happy guts, glowing skin

In our latest health and fitness blog we shared a list of foods and beverages which are brilliant for your gut. We also took a closer look at why gut health is good news for your whole body, from your complexion to your heart. Kombucha is one of the gut health-boosting ingredients which comes up time and time again when we research gut wellness.

This wonder beverage is made from fermented tea mixed with sugar, yeast and bacteria. Different flavours can be added, but the result is a drink which tastes a little bit like sparkling apple juice – but without the apple.


The good stuff

Today, those in the know about health and beauty are drinking litres of the stuff, all because of the drink’s very high probiotic content. The probiotics (created during kombucha’s fermentation process) are essential for a healthy gut.

Probiotics are “good bacteria” which our guts rely on to maintain internal balance, keeping our insides nice and healthy. Kombucha also has some extra benefits (yes, more!), it contains lots of lovely vitamin B2, B6 and B12.

With so many neurons in our guts (almost as many as in our brains!), it makes sense that what’s going on in our digestive system is often reflected in other areas, including our largest organ: our skin.


How to drink Kombucha

To get the absolute most out of health-boosting kombucha, consume the beverage at room temperature (the bacteria in refrigerated kombucha can sometimes go to sleep, reducing their effectiveness. Hot kombucha suffers from the same problem.). Advocates also recommend enjoying kombucha daily to keep topping up your gut with healthy bacteria which will protect you both inside and out.

Have you tried kombucha before? What do you think of the beverage? Has looking after your gut health improved the look and feel of your skin? Share your stories below.