How to Make Your Hair Look Great in Five Minutes Flat

Posted by: esd admin

hair drying

Some mornings absolutely nothing goes right. Your phone ran out of battery and your alarm didn’t go off, your toast got burned, your liquid eyeliner went on all wrong and you can’t remember where you left that vital document. With just five minutes to go, how can you make your hair look halfway bearable as you charge straight from the shower to the office on a wild-eyed commute?

We’ve got some fast, practical tips which could make all the difference…

1. Embrace Mousse

If you have zero time on the clock, grab yourself a good dollop of mousse. It may sound like a retro hair product, but hair mousse is an easy volume-boosting essential you can rapidly rub into your routes as you run for the door with soggy locks. As your hair dries, mousse will help you achieve volume without a blow dryer, saving you from a day of flat, limp locks.

2. Aim for the roots

If you have a couple of minutes for a quick session with the hairdryer, it’s time to prioritise. Forget the rest of your do and just focus on getting those roots dry. Concentrate on the roots around the “mohawk” area along your parting and dry them upside down to inject a burst of volume in a matter of seconds.

3. Blow hot and cold

This might sound like a weird tip, but as you’re drying those all-important roots, use a blast of hot air, then finish up with a blast of cold air. This technique rapidly cools strands down, almost freezing them into a more voluminous shape for longer lasting oomph!

4. Texturise & Go!

No time for drying? It’s time to embrace a sea salt spray or a dry oil. Add a dose to your palms, scrunch it into roughly brushed hair to add an intentional looking bed-head vibe and hit the streets!

Do you have any five minute hair care tips for busy beauties on the go? Share them with our other readers below.