Is micro-needling skincare’s next big thing?

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tiny needles

Could tiny needles applied to your face the next big thing in skincare? Micro-needling is gaining attention in the beauty world and many believe it’s generating some pretty impressive results.


How does it work?

During a micro-needling treatment minuscule needles (ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm in length) are carefully applied to the skin. Claimed to be gentle and non-invasive enough to use even on the delicate under-eye area, these tiny needles create minute punctures as part of a controlled application, all over the face and neck.

The result? Skin which is triggered into entering repair mode, forcing collagen and elastin to be released in far greater amounts, plumping up the skin and healing imperfections faster. This results in younger, more “perfect” looking skin.

DIY vs Professional

The process can be completed by beauty professionals in a salon or clinic, and there are a number of at-home products now available for you to try yourself. While reviews of at-home micro-needling devices can be positive, the strength of treatment you receive at the hands of a professional will far exceed that of at-home options.

How long does it take to work?

This means that you should start to see results sooner with professional treatment. Even with professional micro-needling, don’t expect to see results over night. Although some clients can see fairly swift results, others will need to continue treatment for three months or more to really see the difference. Scheduling in 3-5 sessions every 4-6 weeks with top ups every 6-9 months is recommended for best results.

How does it work?

So what happens when you sit down in that aestheticians chair? Firstly your face will be numbed with a topical cream, then treatment will begin. Usually a roller is applied to your skin to precisely prick your skin all over. Far more painless than you might expect, treatment is fast and downtime is minimal, some may experience a little redness for an hour or two after a session.

Would you try micro-needling? What’s the most extreme beauty treatment you’ve every tried? Share your stories with other readers below.