Do Micro Workouts Really Work?

Posted by: esd admin

teacup pigs

We like small things in our society. From iPad Minis to teacup pigs, we love tiny technology and even tinier terriers. One thing which we haven’t yet shrunk stylishly small is fitness – but that could be about to change.

With hectic schedules and limited time, it’s not always easy to fit three solid marathon gym sessions or 10Ks into our weekly routines. Now a new vogue for five and ten minute workouts is helping us shoehorn tiny bursts of fitness into our crazy lives, right in between that big presentation and your dental appointment.


But do they really work?

According to fitness experts and science buffs, the answer is “yes”! According to experts switching one long work out for a handful of quick five or ten minute sessions over the course of a day can be just as effective for gaining muscle, losing weight and boosting your metabolism.

That, of course, depends on whether or not you put you back into it. It’s easy to be lazy with a five minute workout, but to get the benefit you need to give each session your all. Here are a few tips to help you get it right:

  • Get Intense

No half measures here. If you’re not out of breath and sweaty at the end of your micro session, you need to up the intensity next time.

  • Commit!

Skipping one five minute session may not seem like such a big deal, but if you want microworkouts to work you need to make sure you’re squeezing them in every single day.

  • Mix it up

The same 5 minute session over and over will get pretty boring so it’s smart to mix things up as often as you can and try different routines to keep yourself invested. There are tonnes of three, five and ten minute workouts to be found online.

Have you tried microworkouts? Did they help you get fit or leave you feeling underwhelmed? Share your favourite mini sessions with other readers below.