Microshading: Microblading gets airbrushed

Posted by: esd admin

A new semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique is taking over from microblading, offering the eyebrow obsessives amongst us an “Instagram”, airbrushed finish.

woman with shading

Microblading & Microfeathering

If you’re big into brows, you’ll already know a bit about microblading, a technique which uses superfine pigment to give you perfect looking brows using short term tattoos. These teeny tiny, shallow tattoos last a few months (up to a year and a half) and recreate the appearance of eyebrow hairs in areas where your natural brows may be patchy, thin or not quite that “on fleek” shape.  

If you’re especially eyebrow obsessed, you may also have come across microfeathering; a less intense version of microblading which creates a softer, subtler effect while perfecting your brows.

One technique that you may not have come across yet, is microshading. That’s because it’s pretty new in beauty circles and offers a slightly more stylised, intense look than its predecessors.


How is Microshading different?

While microblading and microfeathering seek to achieve a naturally perfect look, microshading is all about creating sculpted perfection. Take a peek at most Instagram beauty icons’ selfies (we’re looking at you, Kardashian family!) and you’ll see perfectly shaded, sculpted brows which look more like an artistic brush stroke than natural hair.

Microshading achieves a strong look which certainly isn’t for everybody. However, if you love immaculate make up and sleek style, the effect of microshading might be right up your street. Instead of tattooing individual hairs, this beauty treatment uses tiny dots of pigment to create a graduated look which mimics the appearance of perfectly powdered brows.


Why try Microshading?

Microshading removes the hassle of perfecting your brows using pencils and powders every morning. No more slightly wonky Wednesday brows or wasting hours in front of the mirror before work! They’re fantastic if you have sparse brows or oily skin, helping to bulk out your eyebrows without risking smudging during the day.

Do you like the microshaded look? Do you prefer microblading or microfeathering? Have you had any of these treatments? Share your thoughts and experiences with other readers below.