Why You Need to Try: Foam Rolling

Posted by: esd admin

foam roller

Originally a physical therapy tool, foam rollers are increasingly appearing in gyms, fitness classes and workout sessions. These long, squishy cylinders aren’t quite like anything you’ll have worked out with before, their closest relative is probably the Swiss ball, but getting to grips with this new bit of kit could seriously improve your health and fitness by reducing injuries, preparing your body for some serious exertion and helping you strengthen your core safely.

Here’s why foam rollers are so great:

1. They can remove adhesions

Also known as “knots” adhesions can form between your muscles and the connective tissue which links them to the skin, especially when your muscles are healing and strengthening after a hard workout. Using foam rollers is a great way to reduce and prevent adhesions.

2. They can help you get more from your workouts

Removing and reducing adhesions will help you get even more out of your workouts, helping you to maximise your range of motion and reduce any muscular niggles you might be feeling which could hamper your performance.

3. They can combat soreness

If you hate feeling sore after exercise, foam rollers are a great cool down option. They keep blood flowing to your muscles after your workout, preventing the build up of lactic acid which reduces “ouchiness” and hastens recovery too.

4. They can reduce injuries

Foam rollers are also a smart warm up choice. Using rollers to stretch out and relax your “problem” overworked muscles before your exercise will tell your body to depend less on them, shifting and sharing the strain with other less troubled muscle groups.

Have you tried foam rolling? Has it helped you on your fitness journey? Share your stories, tips and resources with other readers below.