Netflix &…uphill? Meet the bike that streams as you spin

Posted by: esd admin

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Are you partial to bit of a Netflix binge? You’re certainly not alone; the streaming service’s 99 million subscribers watch a total of 1 billion hours of video every week, with 70% regularly binge-watching shows.

It may be a great way to unwind after a hard day or a tough week, but snuggling up for a spot of Netflix and chill (or Netflix, Pinot Grigot & Cadbury’s) can leave us feeling a little less than fit. But a new invention may provide the perfect solution!

Meet…the Cycflix!

If Netflix binges are your guilty pleasure, but you’d prefer to do without the “guilty” part, the Cycflix is exactly the answer you’ve been looking for. Designed by Ronan Byrne, a student at the Dublin Institute of Technology, the Cycflix does pretty much what it says on the tin. You guessed it! It combines cycling on an exercise bike with streaming Netflix.

But don’t think you can simply pedal gently while you watch your favourite sitcom. Oh no! This clever cycle will only stream Netflix while you’re hitting your targets on the bike.

Peddle to Play

When you hop on in your gym gear, the Cycflix will open up Netflix within Firefox, allowing you to choose your programme and set your workout routine. It will then monitor your speed throughout your workout. If you drop below your goal speed for too long – zap – your favourite programme gets paused (and just as it was getting to the good bit!!).

So far the Cycflix is just a prototype, but there’s plenty more that the clever design could eventually do. From integrating with other streaming services, to including helpful sounds during your workout, this could be the perfect exercise option for telly lovers.

Do it Yourself

Feeling clever and can’t wait to see if this device will one day be released to the public? You could always create your own! The designer has put together his very own detailed “how to” Instructable -if you’re the technical type.

Do you watch TV while you work out? Would you find the Cycflix fun and motivational or distracting? Have your say and share your favourite workout technology below.