New Heights: Should you workout with a Versaclimber?

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Is your workout routine failing to inspire you at the moment? It’s not easy to stay motivated when you’re losing interest in your classes and circuits. Changing things up is a really good way to get your head (and body) back in the game, which is why trying something new can work wonders when you begin to feel the couch or the pub calling…

Another reason why you might be losing interest in your current routine may boil down to lack of challenge. Once we’re over those first few fitness hurdles, our focus is usually all about small incremental gains. These can feel less inspiring than conquering our early challenges.

But never fear. Whether you’re bored or craving a challenge, we’ve got the solution for you; the Versaclimber.


What is a Versaclimber?

Versaclimbers are a fiendish new piece of gym equipment, which you’ll probably soon wish you’d never learned about in the first place. Just as a treadmill simulates the motion of running and a rowing machine replaces the real thing, the Versaclimber allows you to climb without ever really leaving the ground, using your arms, chest, shoulders, glutes and legs to shimmy up.


How does it work?

This machine is very much like a static climbing wall. To use a Versaclimber, you’ll need to use your upper body, core and lower body in synchrony, replicating a climbing motion. A brilliant low impact cardio option for anyone carrying an injury (especially runners who need time away from the treadmill), this machine will burn through calories like nobody’s business.


Should you try?

The Versaclimber most certainly is not for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re looking for a full body workout, or a cardio session which won’t place strain on your injuries, it doesn’t get much better than this.

At the moment, Versaclimbers are not widely available in the UK, with the only machines in the country currently found in London alone. However, with interest in (and demand for) Versaclimbers rapidly escalating, this serious fitness machine could soon be coming to a gym near you. Will you dare to climb on?

Which is your favourite piece of gym equipment? How do you keep your fitness routine fresh? Share your thoughts and tips with us below.