How to Pack a “Capsule” Make Up Kit for your Summer Holiday

Posted by: esd admin


With liquid items needing to be carried in aeroplane hand luggage, the more you can minimise your make up kit, the more space you’ll save in your cabin bag, and the less faff you’ll experience trying to find that pesky eye liner amongst a heap of lip liners, eyebrow pencils and lip glosses. To help you travel light when it comes to your beauty stash this summer, we’ve compiled five crucial tips…


1. Stock up on Freebies

Throughout the year, you’ve probably accumulated a decent stash of freebies from magazines and sample stands. Now’s the time to use these small versions, with many “minis” designed to last seven days (perfect for your getaway). When you’re done, simply toss them away, freeing up plenty of space for goodies and duty free on the way home!

2. Share & Share Alike

If you’re travelling with your girls for a ladies’ getaway, stockpile your beauty essentials to cut down on luggage. Even if you’re travelling with your other half, sharing moisturiser, shampoo and soap can make a big difference to the space you have for beauty bits and bobs.

3. Plan Your Holiday Look

If you know what you’re going to be wearing each day, there’s no need to take everything and the kitchen sink with you. Plan your outfits and your corresponding make up look so you only have to take the essentials.

4. Invest in Multi-taskers

Lipstain-blushers, moisturisers for your whole body and face – there are tonnes of products out there which can do double duty, saving you tonnes of space in your suitcase. Stock up!

Do you have any space saving holiday make up tips? Do you have any holiday make up disaster stories? Share them with other readers below.