Why the Perm is Making a Comeback

Posted by: esd admin

anna demianenko

Forget crazy 80s frizz combined with shoulder pads and blue eye shadow, the perm is returning to the front lines of fashion, but it’s not the retro nightmare you’re imagining. Instead, the new “wave” of perms is all about creating natural looking texture and volume without the need for daily styling and heat.


Curl up & dye

Straight locks have had their grip on hair styling since Jennifer Aniston’s famous do took hair salons by storm in the 90s. But over the 2010’s poker straight hair has lost its edge and more textured looks have come into vogue.

Now the trend is so strong that permanent straightening techniques are falling by the wayside and the perm is staging a comeback – but not as you’ve seen it before…

The New Wave

Forget blue rinses and tight curls, the new perm is much more subtle than the frizz-fests of the 1980s. Today’s perms use more advanced chemicals ad processes which are less damaging to your locks and larger perming rods which create a far looser curl.

Rather than ringlets, the perms of today are all about very loose curls, soft waves and extra body, all of which can be a real hassle to achieve if you have naturally straight hair. To get this look without a perm, fashionistas face an uphill struggle and a gruelling hair care regime which requires daily styling and applications of heat which can seriously damage hair.

DIY Perms

Perming, however, takes the everyday hassle out of creating wave and volume, leaving your locks with permanent bounce. Any on trend salon will be able to help you get the look, while DIY kits are also readily available if you’re feeling brave enough to try it at home. Just make sure you opt for large perming rods and rope in a friend to help you to ensure your results aren’t a disaster!

Would you try a perm to give curl and body to your hair? Did you have a perm in the 80s? Share your stories and style with other readers below.