How to Pick the Perfect Peel

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The very notion of a DIY skin peel might make you picture stinging ingredients, wince-inducing techniques and general facial discomfort. But while professional chemical skin peels conducted by cosmeticians may leave you looking like the bride of Frankenstein for over a week, DIY at-home skin peels are much less aggressive and could give you the easy beauty overhaul you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re keen to reduce lines and wrinkles or to banish blemishes and bumps, there’s a DIY skin peel for that. But there’s a little more to picking the perfect peel than grabbing the first product off the shelf. This quick guide will help you find a DIY skin peel which suits your skin type and helps you achieve your beauty goals…


Knowing your AHAs from your BHAs

Knowing what’s in your skin peel product will help you pick the right type. AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are a good match for ageing skin, or skin which is rough and dry. AHAs like gycolic acid and lactic acid help to plump up and smooth your skin while also triggering fresh cell turnover.

BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) on the other hand, are a good fit for skin which is affected by oiliness, blemishes, blackheads and clogged pores. They can also be a good match for acne prone skin, but make sure you check with your aesthetician or doctor first. The most common BHA you’ll come across is salicylic acid.


Fitting peels into your skincare routine

Understanding how your skin peel product will fit into your skincare routine will also help you pick the perfect option for you. Many people switch their harsh scrub for a gentler skin peel, as face scrubs can be counter-productively abrasive. Less intense skin peels, however, only remove the very surface layer of your skin, resulting in fresher results with less damage and downtime.

Choose your skin peel carefully based on its intensity (check out the ingredients and recommended regularity of use for a clearer idea of this). Selecting an option which replaces your weekly face scrub could help you achieve better results from your skincare routine.

Have you tried DIY face peels before? Do you have any tips, tricks or stories? Which products are your favourites? Have your say below.