Pick Your Personality-Perfect Workout

Posted by: esd admin

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One size most certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to exercise. While some of us love the slow, relaxing progress of a yoga session, the same class will bore others to tears. And while some of you may love the challenge of a seriously intense HIIT class, others will crave the freedom of the great outdoors.

If you’re stuck in an exercise rut or are finding your current routine uninspiring, why not try our handy guide and pick a workout that’s perfect for your personality?


If you’re an extrovert…try a group class

Group fitness classes are perfect for sociable extroverted types. If you’re a people person, signing up to zumba classes, dance classes and any sessions which involve working as part of a group will help motivate you to keep coming back.

If you’re an introvert…try going solo

Going it alone is often a more comfortable experience for introverted exercisers. Whether you take yourself for a long run or use online fitness videos to get you sweating, this solitude will help you focus on your fitness rather than socialising.

If you’re analytical…work with a trainer

For those of you who are detail-oriented and highly analytical, working with a personal trainer will help you feel confident that you’re getting the best possible workout and learning all about your body in order to achieve the best possible results.

If you’re an over-thinker…go high octane

Struggle to shut out those niggling little voices and stresses while exercising? We all need a break sometimes. Try a HIIT workout or a seriously intense spin class to push yourself so hard all of those extra worries just disappear.

If you’re driven…set yourself a challenge

If you’re a “type A” personality and love to overcome hurdles and challenges in order to achieve a goal, sign up for a race or endurance test to really motivated yourself to keep up your fitness.