How to Pick the Right Facial Oil to Perfect Your Skin Type

Posted by: esd admin

Facial oils are no longer a beauty secret. Now on mainstream skincare shelves, skin oils are booming thanks to their ability to intensely nourish and moisturise skin. Fantastic at dissolving dirt and protecting your face against inclement weather of all varieties (from chilly gusts to scorching sun), skin oils combine traditional remedies with increasingly sophisticated skincare technology to do their thing – but which variety will make your skin type glow? Here’s a quick guide…


For Visible Pores


If you understand the pain of visible pores, you’ll know just how tricky it is to keep them unclogged to minimise their appearance – and how intense the upkeep can be. Pomegranate oil is the perfect carrier oil for this skin type as it has very small molecules which penetrate the skin quickly, leaving less residue on the surface of your skin. In terms of essential oils, the presence of the compound azulene in chamomile oil helps boost skin cell turnover to help clear out your pores, while the astringency of lemon oil is great for unclogging.


For dry skin

red roses

Avocado oil is the perfect carrier oil for those of us who suffer from dry skin, its wealth of sterolin, lipids and vitamin E soften the skin while delivering nutrients to its deeper layers. When it comes to essential oils, rose oil is a real winner, strengthening your lipid barrier, boosting moisture levels and increasing collagen production thanks to its high levels of vitamin A.


For oily skin…


Incredibly close to your skin’s molecular structure, using jojoba oil as a carrier is a great way to trick your skin into taking on extra nutrients, whilst also tricking it into thinking it has produced enough oil to prevent excess sebum production. The best essential oil for dry skin has to be clary sage oil, which is a wonderful ingredient for regulating sebum production.

Have you used skin oils as part of your facial skincare routine? What were your experiences? Do you have any favourite oils? Share your picks with other readers below.