Plank Perfection: 3 New Moves to Tone Your Abs

Posted by: esd admin


Hands up who hates crunches? They may be great for your abs, but they can also feel like absolute murder. Planks are a fantastic ab-toning alternative which won’t leave you gasping in agony and will help you strengthen your core.

A simple plank is a great addition to your workout, but it’s also an excellent exercise for adding variations. Ideal for busting the boredom of holding a plank without moving, there are tonnes of different moves you can incorporate into a round of planks which will keep you interested in your workout and add to its ab-boosting, core-strengthening benefits.

Here are three of our favourite plank variations for you to try at home, at the gym, in the park or wherever you like to get your fitness game on!

1. Forward Taps

While sustaining a plank, reach one hand forward and tap the ground a comfortable distance in front of you, then bring back into the plank position. Then repeat with the other hand and continue for as long as you can to get more from your plank.

2. Elbow Taps

Repeat the exercise above but instead of moving your hands alternately forward and back, take each hand in turn and touch the elbow on your other arm. This move can also be completed with shoulder taps and hip taps to help you work other muscle groups.

3. Heel Taps

From your plank position, raise one foot and tap the toes of your raised foot twice onto the back of your grounded heel. Repeat with the other foot and sustain for as long as you can.

Do you prefer planks to crunches? Which variations do you like to us to help you tone and strengthen your core? Have your say below.